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COVID-19: Important information for your well-being and safety

Fig Tree Retro Studio is still open for business

The layout of the property ensures that there is ample space for you and your pet. The Studio itself is private, self-sufficient, and completely separate from the other house on the property. However, to comply with Government imposed social distancing restrictions as a result of COVID19, we have initiated these new features for our safety and for the safety of all our guests.


New health initiatives at the Studio:

  • Contactless check-in

There is no reception at the property.

Upon booking, information is sent to guests via email regarding accessing the Studio on your day of arrival. We are encouraging guests to utilise contactless check-in to make your arrival as smooth as possible. To help facilitate this, we have put together a lovely 'Welcome Guide' that has pertinent information regarding the Studio, appliances, and the surrounding area that you will find useful.

  • Reduced physical contact

Physical contact between us and guests will be reduced wherever possible. Ordinarily, we would meet and greet guests on arrival to say hello, show them around the Studio, and answer any questions they may have; however, as a result of the restrictions, we are no longer doing this. Instead we are encouraging smiles and waves.

As we live on the same property, guests can always reach us by SMS/phone if any issues occur.


  • Housekeeping

We do not provide a cleaning service whilst guests are in the Studio. Guests are always provided with additional supplies such as towels, toilet paper, tissues etc. upon arrival. For guests staying longer than 7 nights, a suitable solution will be worked out between you and us in relation to a cleaning service.

  • Cleaning Protocol

After checkout, the Studio is cleaned from top to bottom. Cleaning involves:

  1. Dust, sweep or vacuum of all floors

  2. Clean or mop hard surfaces (such as walls and flooring) with water and soap

  3. Wash all dishes and laundry

  4. Empty all rubbish bins and line with fresh bags


Afterward, the entire Studio is sanitised with high strength disinfectant using disposable gloves including commonly used areas and fixtures such as  door knobs, light switches, handles, and cabinets.

  • Your Health

It is respectfully requested that all potential guests follow the advice of the health authorities and refrain from visiting the Studio if they feel at all unwell. We will be flexible with bookings and cancellations for this and other reasons related to COVID-19.


Thank you for your co-operation. We hope you have a wonderfully relaxing stay at the Studio. Feel free to contact us for more information.

 – Denise and Glenn

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