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P E T  F R I E N D L Y

We love your four-legged friend as much as you do! So, feel free to bring him/her along as well.


They will be greeted with welcome treats, and toys, amongst other goodies.

Pet Welcomed:

The worst thing in the world is when you make a booking for a so-called "pet friendly" accommodation only to find out that your beloved pooch has to sleep outside. Well, at the Fig Tree Retro Studio, we won't treat you or your four-legged friend like that. We are a true pet friendly studio.


Here's why:


  • Your pet is allowed inside; however, they are not allowed on furniture or beds.

  • There is a yard directly in front of the studio that is gated and enclosed for the protection of your pet where they can run around freely. 

  • Homemade welcome treats on arrival provided by Kirsten and Diva, plus bedding (both trampoline style, and plush), food bowls, towels, and toy chest.

  • Doggie wash station plus shampoo provided.

Pet treats at the Fig Tree Retro Studio
Pet toys, water bowl, pet beds at the Fig Tree Retro Studio
Pet bath at the Fig Tree Retro Studio

​​Pet Notes:

  • ​​Due to the size limitations of the studio, only 1 pet is allowed.


Unattended Pets:

Whilst we understand that owners may need to duck out without their pets in tow at times, for the safety of your pet, and for the comfort of nearby neighbours, we ask that pets NOT be left unattended while holidaying with us, as from what we have observed, it causes undue stress on pets resulting in incessant barking. 

Other Animals on Property:

The Fig Tree Retro Studio is also home to 2 Huacaya breed alpacas Billy and Emmy, and our Black Labrador/Border Collie cross Jetti. 

Pet Friendly Pottsville Beach Holiday Accommodation

Beagle at Fig Tree Retro Studio
Boston Terrier at Fig Tree Retro Studio

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